Video, Animation & Media Creation

The time to begin using online video for your business is yesterday!

Lights, Camera, Action

We can help you create simple and affordable videos to help showcase your organization and products.  A video allows your organization to have a personal touch and also gets you great search rankings! Both video and media is a key component of your social media strategy and can be promote across multiple channels. We will work with you to not only create this content,  we will also make sure it’s easy for users to find and share it.

Though the one question that we hear most from small business is – How can I afford a video crew or graphic designer?  The answer to this is to think home grown and start out simple and build from here!!

Here’s a good quote from Marcus Sheridan when it comes to this question “The only people screaming that videos have to be perfect are the ones that get paid to make the videos. My point? Just hit record. Get started. Some will always be better than none. As long as you try to get better and better, you’ll be just fine.”

With a smart phone and some video editing tools, we can hit the ground running getting some testimonials for your business, reviewing different products and generally building a better rapport with your customers!

We can also create digital presentations using photos of your projects and even put together some animated videos to help you stand out and catch your customer’s attention!! The key is combing great content with media that catches the idea to help ensure you can reach your customers from all angles!!

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