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It’s important for new businesses to choose marketing channels that offer good results with prudent resources. Small businesses these days prefer social media marketing to other marketing channels. This is because social media marketing increases the brand’s reach, expands professional networks and increases sales.

Here are 5 tips on social media marketing for small businesses:

Tip #1: Use social media marketing to sell your products and services

The selling relationship for businesses was to listen, help in solving problems, and then make the sale before social media networks raided e-commerce. The chances to establish connections with potential customers became much easier with social media engagement tactics and social media monitoring.

Tip #2: Large networks like Twitter can improve your customer relationships

72% of people are more likely to make purchases from small businesses after interacting with them on Twitter. The key to success in social media is to join the social network your potential customers are using. Twitter has over 200 million users so there’s a high possibility that they’re there. Through Twitter, you can build relationships with customers and connect with other businesses.

Tip #3: Social media marketing can drastically increase your reach

Companies can increase their brand’s reach through sponsored messaging and targeted ads via Twitter and Facebook. It provides companies the chance to reach customers worldwide.

Tip #4: A LinkedIn business page can expand your professional network

All businesses should join LinkedIn regardless of their size. LinkedIn lets them provide credibility of their brand through a business page which lets customers know the who, what and where of your business. It’s a place where you can find professionals, investors and customers.

Tip #5: Facebook Page can improve your business’s customer support

Providing customer support can be quite costly in terms on money and time for small businesses. Social media networks like Facebook makes it easier for you to solve issues that your customers face. It provides a platform for customers to be able to connect with you directly.

Bonus Tip: Use your social media presence to manage your brand’s online reputation

Giving people information about your company online is a great way to build trust. In fact, those who neglect social media presence lose the chances of gaining new customers. It’s important to make your social media presence on all social media networks. It puts a face and voice to your company.

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