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Content, Content, Content – You need fresh Content!!

Your blog should be your HUB. The idea of a blog is perhaps the most misunderstood and misused tool for social and content marketing by most businesses. The blog is often neglected because it requires “writing” and no one has time to write. Or, conversely, only one type of content (predictably boring) is consistently posted to the blog.

You want to get found online, a business blog is a great way to produce ongoing, fresh and remarkable content to improve your search engine rankings.  By maintaining a blog, you can develop thought leadership and engage with your customers, all the while generating valuable leads for your sales team.  Great news, Simply Serendipity is going to take all of the blood sweat and tears that go into a blog, and simply do it for you.  We will work with you and your staff to come up with hard hitting topics about your industry, research them, and write weekly blogs for your website.

Don’t get scared by the term “Blogging”

For the most part, a blog is just a discussion or informational piece published on the web and consisting of other  pieces (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first). A lot of folks confuse a blog with personal journal entry, though blogs come in all types and shorts.  The main purpose it to provide your audience with fresh and relevant content which will benefit the user in one way or another.

We’ll work with you to come up with different blogging ideas, a blogging schedule and if you would like, we can help you write these blogs so that you we can keep both your website and social media channels full of fresh and relevant content!


What are some benefits of the Business Blog?

1. Creates Exposure for your Business

A company blog that adds value to other businesses will be linked to by other blogs and websites and tweeted about and shared on Facebook and LinkedIn. This has the inevitable result of putting your brand in front of more people

2. Increases Traffic and Subscribers

Visits to the blog will inevitably increase traffic and a well integrated blog that links to the company website and other corporate online properties will drive page views and hits as exposure increases. Increased traffic also increases email and RSS subscriber acquisition.

3. Improves Search Rankings

Google and other search engines are increasing the value and the priority of blogs and social media assets such as Facebook and Twitter in their search results. This change to Google’s search algorithms alone makes blogging essential.

4. Results In New Business Partnerships

The increased visibility of your business online and its positioning as a thought leader and expert in your industry and niche attracts other businesses that want to partner with you.

5. Generates Qualified Leads

High quantities of leads looks good but what you really want are leads that are qualified and of high quality. A blog positions your company and attracts the right type of leads as it develops and publishes content for the market you want to attract.

6. Reduces Overall Marketing Expenses

As shown in the Hubspot survey, blogs can reduce costs per lead by 62% over traditional marketing

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7. Improves Sales

The synergy of higher traffic and increased lead quality inevitably produces an increase in sales. We certainly have noticed this over the past few years with sales doubling and average sales value increasing.

8. Educates

Blogs don’t sleep and the benefit of the web is that your blog can be educating your customers while you sleep. Add some YouTube video tutorials to your blog and you have an online classroom. One of the major costs of business is educating clients prior to the sale so an online property that educates one to many without you being there is the perfect tool.

9. On-line Research Tool

As you start writing and publishing your blog potential clients will tell you what they like and don’t like via their comments and feedback. Comments will display to you what is resonating and will allow you to adjust your companies product and services direction that is guided by real time customer feedback

10. Creates and Hones Expertise

This benefit is quite often overlooked but the art of writing and developing content for your blog creates expertise from research and the thinking that naturally happens as a consequence. Sharpening the edge of your expertise inevitably opens up opportunities that you were maybe blind to before

The business blog might not be as attractive as the latest fads and shiny toys but it is certainly a marketing platform you should not ignore.

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