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What should I use to build my website?

If you’re contemplating starting a blog or website, you’re probably also wondering what the best platform to build it on is. The market is so saturated with choices, it can be difficult to narrow down the one right for you, and most find themselves debating between two heavy hitters in the domain hosting world, WordPress and Wix. In the end though, WordPress is the best choice than Wix, for a number of reasons.

1. Support

When you’re just getting started with the process of building a blog or website, you need people in your corner who are going to be available to help work out the kinks and show you how to optimize your experience on the site. While every site (including Wix) employs some kind of support team, WordPress goes above and beyond in what they offer their clients. WordPress has codex and individual theme developer sites where there are thousands of people available to answer every question you could possibly have. Wondering about your theme? Someone is there to help. Struggling with positioning your page properly? Help for that too. It takes tech support to the next level.

2. Flexibility

WordPress does something Wix can’t, and that’s give you complete control over changing and updating your site. If you want something to be a certain way, you can change the code yourself and make it happen. With a platform like Wix, you have to wait for their developers to change the code, and then you can do what you want to do. There is also the option in WordPress to change your theme as you go. If you outgrow a certain theme or idea, you can change it at any time without issue, unlike with Wix. It’s the ideal situation for website development.

3. Maintenance

While it may seem like if a platform gives you the opportunity to change your own code, there will be a lot of glitches that come out and slow your website development progress, but that’s not the case. WordPress is proactive in taking care of bug fixes. In fact, they are constantly looking out for how they can improve the site, and notify their users immediately once something is fixed.

4. Plug-ins

Anything you can dream of doing on your site, WordPress will allow you to do. When you’re designing your site, you won’t be hindered by what your platform can hold. For whatever you want to do, there is a plug-in available to support it.

5. Customized training

It’s true there is a lot to learn with a site like WordPress, where the developers are more hands-off and allow you to forge your own path through the site. But there’s a positive side to that too, which is that WordPress has customized programming for training to teach you exactly what you want to do. They make you self-sufficient so you can create whatever website you dream of.

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