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Thinking about setting up a new website and considering Wix?

While Wix websites are beginning to fall by the wayside, there is a certain segment of the online population that enjoys creating them, because of their ease of use. Even an online neophyte could probably construct a Wix website and have it up and running within an hour or so. Even though they are easy to set up and use, there are a number of reasons why you should not use Wix when establishing a website and the following are the most important five.

1. Outdated Technology

What many of the Wix loyalists do not realize is that the technology used to create one of their websites is completely past its prime. Flash technology is no longer used by any reputable websites. Phones and tablets will often refuse to display sites with Flash technology, which eliminates a large portion of your potential audience right off the bat. This is one of the primary reasons why people are advised against using Wix.

2. Poor Google Search Ranking

Having a high Google search ranking is the lifeblood of any new website in the year 2015. Unless Google’s algorithms like your site, your creation is toast. Even the most well constructed, informative Wix website will not register with Google, due to Wix’s reliance on Flash. Google’s Webmaster does not verify Wix websites, either. This makes the task of getting the word out even more challenging.

3. Slow Loading Times

The modern consumer is used to getting what they want, exactly when they want it. Unless your website can meet these demands, it will simply collect dust, no matter how great your content is. When a site has slower loading times, this also leads to lower rankings from popular search engines. A site that does not satisfy the consumer is a site that will quickly fall by the wayside, as no reputable search engine will want to vouch for its effectiveness.

4. Less Aesthetically Pleasing

Humans are typically attracted to images that stimulate them on a visual level. A Wix website is clunky, outdated and far from easy on the eyes. Wix websites do not look good and can remind browsers of other outdated sites, such as Geocities and MySpace. In a perfect world, these are the last two websites that you would want yours to be compared to, so avoid Wix at all costs.

5. Needlessly Expensive

After having read all of the aforementioned reasons, you might have thought to yourself that Wix websites would at least be cheap, since they certainly are not quality. Even the most basic Wix website plan starts off at $4 each month, as compared to a much more reputable site like WordPress, which offers a far superior service for the exact same amount.

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