Keeping things simple with Social Media

We all get caught up in the idea that we need to continually post items and news so that our social media feeds will look fresh and have have a steady stream of content, though a lot of times we forget what really makes a difference – Real interaction.

Who doesn’t love seeing an actual message from a friend on their social media feed.  A message that they actually took the time to think about and write to you. Why do we think things change when it comes to social media for your organization.  A personal message to one of your followers or customers shows that you are actually thinking about them as a friend, and not just another sale.

Taylor Swift this week reached out to one of her fans on Instagram to provide her with some kind words and support, a simple gesture that goes such a long way!!  This isn’t the first time Taylor has reached out to her fans with a personal message and we hope that others learn a thing from her.  These little gestures our what can make your brand, reputation and organization truly stand out.

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