Do I need to worry about creating a Schema on my site?

As Google continues to tweak their search algorithms – We need to ensure that we continue to feed their crawlers as much information as we can about our websites and content.  Using allows us to use a single vocabulary that the search spiders can find and understand. has a list of markup for the following commonly used categories:

  • Creative works: CreativeWork, Book, Movie, MusicRecording, Recipe, TVSeries …
  • Embedded non-text objects: AudioObject, ImageObject, VideoObject
  • Event
  • Health and medical types: notes on the health and medical types under MedicalEntity.
  • Organization
  • Person
  • Place, LocalBusiness, Restaurant …
  • Product, Offer, AggregateOffer
  • Review, AggregateRating
  • Action

Here’s the full list…

We can also take a look at Google in their webmaster tools to learn more about their FAQ section. Here they go over some of the common questions surrounding the use of or for a more strait forward article written by Moz a few years back, here a great article “ – Why You’re Behind if You’re Not Using It…”

The important thing to take home from this is using can lead to enhanced search engine results (rich snippets) as shown in the example with the book – “The Goal”.     The more we can help search engines find and understand our content – the better!!

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