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What type of thought do you put into your landing pages?

How do you get people interested in your services?  Do you create advertising on all of your services and lead them to your homepage and hope that your customers will figure out where to go and then choose what they are looking for? Or, do you create specific advertising campaigns that speak to one action?

The second takes a lot more time and effort — though the returns make it well worth it!!  Think about it, the easier you can make the buyer journey for your customers, the more likely they will actual do what you want them to do because they won’t get persuaded and take a detour. The good news about the digital world is there’s a lot of tools that we can utilize to help us make campaigns with specific objectives. For example, both Facebook & LinkedIn allow you to easily create ads that you can test different creatives and messages and then test to find out which ones are performing the best.

The next step is making sure that after you grab your customer’s attention, you want to lead them down a specific route and this is where creating unique landing pages is extremely effective.  There are numerous programs which can help you with this and Unbounce is one of our favorites.  This is a great platform to build, publish and A/B test landing pages that’s really simple to set up and maintain!

We’re going to be creating a series on how to build these types of campaigns so stay in touch!!




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