What’s next after Google?

Growing up we learned the Dewey Decimal system to find information at the library or we went to our trusted set of the Encyclopedia Britannica to find what we needed, though now we’re used to a quick search on Google and up pops what ever we were looking for.  Though as we spend more and more time in the social media world, it’s only natural that we’re starting to use these avenues to also find the answers for our questions.  Yoast just posted a great article looking into this in a little more detail – Is Social the New Google.

Social networks could be considered ‘extensions’ for your website. Where a website usually is about sending information, the social platforms are used as marketing tools for that website. Besides that, these also allow for support and discussion. A lot of people are browsing Facebook and seeing your posts in their timelines on a daily, if not hourly basis, where the frequency of visits to your website is most probably much lower. It’s an easy way to connect and communicate to your target audience.

Where’s your traffic coming from?

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