Google now judges your worthiness as an eCommerce site based on whether or not anyone cares about you and your product rather than whether your site is the most search-optimized. Why?


Google is Fighting a Robot Army and a Zombie Horde Some very rich people have spent a lot of money building an infinity of perfect robot sites and Google has had to develop a Turing test to separate the real mom and pop online businesses from the millions of affiliate marketing-, online reputation management-, directory-, and SEO-associated automated drone sites that have been developed masterfully over years and years in order to harvest millions and millions of dollars from contextual and display advertising — and Google has developed the perfect AI/human test: social signals.


Robot armies of perfectly-tuned and websites, even if they control a zombie horde of blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ posts, don’t quite propagate the same way that true community and customer interest does.


Social Media Engagement is Not Just Dropping Links So, if you think all you need to do in order to appease Google is to search-optimize your website for mobile and drop links into your Google+ Business Page, your Facebook Page, your Corporate Pinterest Page, and your Validated Twitter Profile, think again: the Frankensteins behind the robot zombie armies are doing that too.


It’s About the Online Community, Stupid Just because you don’t actually see people when you look at your performance on Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, just hits, visitors, clicks, bounces, and dollar dollar bills, yo, doesn’t mean that every single one of those visits represent the human soul of a beautiful Child of God.


And it’s even worse if you’ve not a wiggly-bottomed online community and also have a history of doing things that Google has never liked but have been very effective in the fast: paying for backlinks, paying for links, or being a founding member of especially powerful private blog network.


You’ve Been a Bad Bad Boy Since you’ve always made relatively so much money from your eCommerce sites over time, I feel like you’re also spent a lot of money doing everything possible to maintain your dominance over your competitors, all the people who have been winning top results on Google by paying for backlinks, paying for links, or being a founding member of especially powerful private blog network are now screwed.


Imagine what it would take to become a wealthy man with a storefront in a small town and if you’re able to develop an analog online with email lists, blogging, content sharing, social media sharing and engagement, and even IRL (in real life), then you’ll probably be able to convince Google, over time that you’re (probably) not an AI, a robot, a zombie, or part of a global private blog network conspiracy cabal.

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