We can help you in the way only a local business can!!

Picture this, you are moseying around on the internet searching for knitting. You type in the word “knitting” to the search engine and up pops millions and millions of websites dedicated to knitting. You wonder to yourself, out of these millions of websites, how in the world did these websites show up on the first page? We are here to not only answer that question for you, but also help make your website one of those glorious “first pagers” that you so yearn to be.

Simply Serendipify has been formed to help small businesses like you create an internet presence which will help you form relationships with your customers and keep them coming back. Utilizing tools like web design, Facebook, Yelp, Google and other social networking sites, we will help you harness the power of the internet in ways you have never dreamed of.

So you know your business should be participating online, but you’re not really sure why.  Words like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp make you want to run and hide under your bed.  Good news, Simply Serendipify is here to help.  We are here to show you the light at the end of the dark internet tunnel.  We can help you do pretty much anything internet related including creating your website to growing your business through the means of social media.  Take a step in, and see what else we have to offer

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