I’ve been thumbing through the just-published MarketingSherpa 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report – SEO Edition. This thing is so hot-off-the-press that my

Source: sherpablog.marketingsherpa.com

This article is spot on as it talks about the importance of creating content on a regular basis and I love how it goes into detail about Marcus Sheridan’s success with creating content for his pool company.

I attended Marcus’s session up at Inbound this past fall and think he’s spot on and I truly enjoyed his story of rebounding from almost losing it all.  He starts off with telling the story of how he was about to loose his business and how creating a blog around answering his customers simple questions helped turn everything around.  The amazing thing is, it’s nothing out of the ordinary, yet his first blog about his pool business is still getting him business years later.

He breaks it down to this:

Tactic #1. Answer prospects’ questions

Tactic #2. No, really answer their questions

Tactic #3. Two posts per week for six months

If I were you, I would check out the article here…

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