One of the most troubling parts of hiring people through the internet is the fact that these companies can be half way around the world, and you would have no real way of knowing.  The best part of Simply Serendipify is that our entire business and all of our employees are located at the heart of Morris County, in Whippany, NJ.  You can rest assured that we know your local market and will find ways for your business to capture those customers and turn them into a profit.  When thinking about the world wide web, sometimes it can be hard as a consumer to narrow down search results to local companies in your neighborhood.  We know how important this is too your business, and especially your customers.   We will harness the power of the “local business” and help you let your true colors fly on the internet.  You might compare it too setting off fireworks from your roof to let everyone know you are here!!  Just to put it in perspective for you, here are some statistics about local internet advertising:

The second best thing about Simply Serendipity is that you can talk to us face to face.  Many people are nervous of hiring strictly through the internet, never really being able to put a face to a name.  That’s not the way with Simply Serendipify.  You can set up a face to face meeting with us anytime you’d like either at your office, over lunch, or if you would like to meet over dinner and drinks, heck, we will even buy!! Of course, if you are the techy type, we can always set up a video chat as well.


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