Not sure if blogging for your healthcare organization is the best investment? Here, we answer your most pressing questions about healthcare blogging.


Why should I blog? No matter the industry, you have people looking to learn for solutions to the problems their facing and you may have the answers.  Just because you’ve done something a million times and think it’s 2nd nature doesn’t mean that you can’t help someone.


A good way to look at it is that your blog is the home and anchor of all of the content we’re pushing out to a consumer audience.


For instance, when it comes to Healthcare, it could ether be a patient or a someone making purchase decisions for a hospital, consumers use digital content to narrow down options, create a list of questions and get a closer look at the products or services.


The key is to encourage your team to get involved and here are a few reasons your team members should consider contributing to your content strategy:


Getting work published creates visibility for the author and the company

Being seen as a published thought leader gets you noticed in and outside of the company

An online portfolio is being developed automatically (and for free)

Published articles may lead to speaking engagements, being quoted in news stories and other relevant career opportunities

Sharing these justifications is sure to get your team excited about contributing to your blog.


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