QR codes have been a laughing-stock for years now. The gangly square bar codes were slapped on posters and magazine pages, and heralded as an easy way to open..

Source: techcrunch.com

People call me crazy – though I still have faith in the good ole QR code.

Here’s a little background on the QR Code:


  • Originally invented by Denso Wave in 1994 to track cars being built on Japanese assembly lines. 
  • They caught on in Japan around 2002 in the pre-smartphone era when camera phones began to come with the ability to read the codes. 
  • Without modern apps or full keyboards, QR codes were convenient, automatic ways to open URLs, add a contact to your address book, or send a pre-defined message.
Though the challenge has always been that smartphones never built native support for them which meant that a user had to open an app to use a QR code and because of this, they never really caught on.
Now SnapChat may be breathing new life into them and I’m still hopeful that they will play a bigger role in connecting the print world to digital.  Learn more about Snapchat’s play here…

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