Marketing your small business on social media? Failing to gain results? 7 strategies to help you stand out and get noticed on social media.


Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent conversation facilitators, but knowing how to navigate them effectively stumps even the most seasoned online marketers.

Include your content, other peoples content, business related posts, quotes and other topics that will capture the attention of your potential audience.

Get Local and Get Found Concentrate on building your social media networks with people in your service area or community.

Your posted content should look something like this: 20% linking to your content 20% linking to other people’s content (A local sports team, restaurant, school district, government office, local blogger, reciprocal linking, etc.) 20% other business talk 40% personal talk and networking (Ask how your followers’ animals/kids are!

People love it online just as they do offline) Getting Started There are a number of social media channels that might benefit your business.

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