Have questions about lead quality? Here we take a look at 10 lead quality myths and debunk them using facts derived from industry data.

Source: www.kunocreative.com

Because you know it’s all about the leads, bout the leads, no treble!! 


Though there’s so much confusion and misinformation out there when it comes to collecting leads that it’s a good idea to get to the bottom of these with industry data.


Click here to view the full text from Kuno Creative with a few of the highlights below…


Myth 4: My Sales Team Is the Best Resource I Can Use to Gauge if a Lead Is a Good Fit Fact –  In reality – does your sales team really have the time for this??


Myth 10: Quality Leads Can Only Be Generated from in-House Lead Generation Fact: In-house lead generation can produce great quality leads, but a number of studies have indicated that companies sometimes struggle with their complex in-house lead generation processes. A Marketing Sherpa study indicated that companies that outsourced lead generation to an external company/agency actually produced 43% better results than in-house efforts when identifying quality leads for their sales team.

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